Buffalo, NY Poster Design Going Back 30 Years

Wisz Poster is longtime Buffalo, New York graphic designer Mark Wisz. I have been designing event posters for over 30 years, mostly for Buffalo, NY rock shows, DJ nights & non-profit fundraisers. I was also the founder & designer of 2 Buffalo ‘zines in the early ’90s: Sign ‘O The Times & Slack. I am currently the Art Director and one of the owners of OtherWisz Creative, a marketing & design studio in Downtown Buffalo and a DJ playing the records of the past (DJ Dr Wisz/Wednesday Nite Record Club).

All the early posters were done cut-n-paste (xacto blades with rubber cement/waxer) or using rudimentary computer software like Pagemaker, Typestyler, Freehand and early Photoshop 2.0 (working without the aid of layers!). Nowadays these posters are created with state-of-the-art software Illustrator & Photoshop. Many of them pay homage to classic poster graphic styles such as BlueNote LP covers, punk rock flyers, comic books, movie posters and the works of Saul Bass, Art Chantry, et all. Some of them used pre-Google borrowed images xeroxed from magazines, vintage clipart collections and album covers, some were press photos supplied by the venues and some were photos I took.

Theses posters were not designed with financial compensation in mind and were done often pro-bono for drinks, CDs & tickets to shows for bands that were friends of mine, my own DJ gigs, and as donations to local charities. Except where noted, they are all for events that happened in Buffalo, New York, so you also get a cool history of live music, DJs, concert venues, clubs & bars in the Queen City going back to the late 1980s!

Every effort has been made to date them accurately so that they display chronologically, illustrating the progression of my work for over 30 years.

Contact me regarding potential projects¬†here….¬†but I should tell you that these days, I am no longer working for tickets, beers or CDs.

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Mark also really likes records & is never happy unless he is in-charge of the music.

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